Crusta Oceans

Fresher than fresh means alive. Top quality crustaceans and shellfish delivered in the right season from our own saltwater system. Out of season? No problem, we have the right alternatives for you. Pasteurized, chilled and frozen. Crusta Oceans, your total supplier for shellfish.




World Wide Delivery

Upon arrival the seafood is placed in our Crusta Ocean. The Crusta Ocean contains a state-of-the-art saltwater reimmersion system with a storage capacity of 500,000 litres. This system mimics the environment of shellfish as closely as possible. Crusta Oceans reimmerses its seafood before selling it, in order to ensure top quality.

Three closed systems are used to refresh the seafood. Our King Crab, Lobster and North Sea Crab are all watered down in our systems. This way, the top quality of the products is guaranteed.

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NVWA Netherlands number 206948

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