Frozen assortment



  • Crayfish ‘A la nage’ Frozen and Cooked: 50-60 pieces per kg – packed per 10x 500gr
  • Rock Lobster tail Shell-on raw: Size 16-20 oz – packed per 4x 4,54kg
  • HPP frozen Canadian lobster tails shell-on: size 4-5 oz – packed per 10lbs
  • Mussel meat cooked: 100-200 pieces per kg –  packed per 10x 900gr
  • Yesso Scallops roe-less raw: 10-20 pieces per 454gr – packed per 10x 1000gr
  • Scallops in half shell roe-on raw: 20-30 pieces per kg – packed per 10x 950gr
  • Scallop shells washed: 120-130 mm per shell – packed per 300 pieces
  • Several sizes of frozen King Crab legs & claws or clusters from Norway – RAW & Cooked 
Crayfish A la nage
Scallop in half shell
King Crab Clusters RAW
Scallop shells washed
King Crab legs & claws cooked
Rock lobster tails
King Crab legs & claws RAW
Mussel meat cooked
HPP Canadian lobster tails
Yesso scallop meat